Logitech Media Server - Legacy Plugins - UNSUPPORTED
VolumeLock Allows you to lock the analog and digital output levels of any Squeezebox, Transporter, or SliMP3 -- except for Radio, Touch, and Controller. Can either prevent any changes in volume, or simply set a maximum volume. http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/VolumeLock2.1.15.zip e6a26e480124f95f5cd6fd002d583abfac5a695f http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org SyncOptions Gives new settings for synchronizing players: relative volume sync; "wait for next track" to avoid disruptions; "unsync at power off"; restore local playlist after leaving a sync group. (Boom, Classic, Radio, Receiver, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze, Touch, Transporter) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/SyncOptions2.2.0.zip eeba2fe4f7fd8971293f79977a6f4f5f022af9d8 http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org KidsPlay Have SqueezeCenter execute specific sets of commands for certain buttons, so you can give a child a remote control with limited function, or redefine Boom or Radio 1-6 preset buttons or the button on a Squeezebox Receiver. (Boom, Classic, Radio, Receiver, Slimp3, Squeezebox1, Transporter) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/KidsPlay2.6.2.zip 410dc145ca61bd3cb636587db451d0e7d7440216 http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org PlayLog This plugin allows you you to log the tracks you listen to, either automatically or by pressing a few remote control buttons. It provides a web interface for viewing its log, linking to the web for more information about what you've listened to, and downloading XML and M3U playlists of played songs. (Boom, Classic, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze, Squeezebox1, Transporter; limited support for Radio, Receiver, and Touch) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/PlayLog2.1.44.zip 0b8d23581100b036748680b51e4b001c0602014c http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org FuzzyTime Provides a "date and time" screensaver that can act like a clock set "ahead" of the real time, and allows other plugins to display such "fast" times and set timers based on such displayed time. (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/FuzzyTime2.1.11.zip 9430dfcdfec9a2e8d8b9625e533a62e71c424781 http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org Auto Dim Display Set automatic display dimming, as for making the display go dark at bedtime and become visible again in the morning. (modified version of code from Eric Koldinger, koldware.com). Will use FuzzyTime "displayed time" if FuzzyTime is installed (optional). (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/AutoDisplay2.1.10.zip 18ca7e74ff67d552cc940150aebb01e5dbc2e5a7 http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Eric Koldinger, Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org ContextMenu ContextMenu provides a mechanism for context menus much like the right-click context menus provided by computer operating system desktop environments. Provides a way to use any regular Squeezebox remote control button, even on the Boom. Other plugins that provide ContextMenu options include AllQuiet, KitchenTimer, PlayLog, and SaverSwitcher. (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/ContextMenu2.1.25.zip 75fe098503c5d789d5a77d8037a4494cbf7b5e49 http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org KitchenTimer This plugin allows you to set simple countdown timers. Timers can be given names and saved for later re-use. Timers can be shortened or extended if needed. Includes a countdown screensaver designed for use with SaverSwitcher (only displayed if there's an active timer). (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/KitchenTimer2.1.27.zip 2738ba258fa14733bc43bb3c38f3450adab88811 http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org SaverSwitcher Configure multiple screensavers for the When Off, When Playing, and When Idle modes, either having SqueezeCenter cycle through a number of plugins or allowing you to change screensavers with a single button press. Easily change screensavers, or immediately jump to the When Playing screensaver, if used with ContextMenu. Can display "conditional" screensavers, as with KitchenTimer (set a screensaver to display onlly if it has something to report). (Boom, Transporter, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/SaverSwitcher2.1.30.zip 801cb0b5d50fe45c644499ecc7db2947712d4eb5 http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org SettingsManager Provides a Web interface for copying settings from one player to another, permanently "linking" settings on multiple Squeezeboxes, setting defaults for newly connected Squeezeboxes or remote /stream.mp3 clients, and importing/exporting client settings, to make it easier to manage multiple Squeezebox players. (Boom, Classic, Receiver, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze, Squeezebox1, Transporter) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/SettingsManager2.1.15.zip 6bed97ac79b9f9e80a349c238ca7c0673b51452c http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org BlankSaver Screensaver that simply makes the screen go dark -- most useful with SaverSwitcher, providing an easy way to make the display go dark without having to cycle through all brightness options. (Boom, Classic, Squeezebox1, Slimp3, SoftSqueeze) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/BlankSaver2.1.6.zip f75267ead728f694f0dcddc3e021de6680305504 http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org DenonSerial For Squeezeboxes connected to Denon receivers with RS232 or Ethernet interfaces, use your Squeezebox Controller, Squeezebox IR remote control, Web interface, etc. to control your Denon volume. (Transporter, Classic, Receiver) http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/DenonSerial0.1.42.zip fa6c0ba32d11aeefe0ec8f3cad5f87e6879d4e34 http://www.tux.org/~peterw/#slim Peter Watkins peterw@tux.org Server Power Control Allows you to control your server's power state using a SqueezeBox Controller, Squeezebox Remote, iPeng or SqueezePad. http://www.spicefly.com/legacy_plugins/SrvrPowerCtrl20160501.151506.zip eb6ad0c47f49fb094b0a130da8dc379e3afc4465 https://github.com/gharris999/SrvrPowerCtrl Gordon Harris srvrpowerctrl@gmail.com