MusicIP Software

A lot of people have asked me for various versions of MusicIP and GenPUID, these can be found below and will remain until such time as I'm asked to remove them.  These are the last known versions, although these have been virus scanned, please ensure you scan them again before installing.

Be advised that you use these software products at your own risk and that there is no official support for them

MusicIP Version 1.9b for Windows
MusicIP Version 1.8.1b for Windows
MusicIP Version 1.8 for Mac OS
MusicIP Version 1.8 for Linux
mmm.ini file for Headless MusicIP
Note GenPUID no longer works
GenPUID Version 1.4 for Windows
GenPUID Version 1.4 for Mac OS
GenPUID Version 1.4 for Linux
GenPUID Anonymous DNS Keys

Note: If you intend to scan your music files on a Windows device and then later use the database file m3lib on a Unix device, only use Windows Version 1.8.1b.

Windows Version 1.96b made changes which don't seem to work properly on Unix. However if you only ever plan on using Windows, Version 1.96b is recommended.

Thanks to Audiomuze for finding some of these versions