Spicefly SugarCube - Google Traffic

Experimental Implementation of Google Traffic

Another first in LMS world :p Starting with SugarCube Version 5.10 is an experimental implementation of Google Traffic
Support is for two addresses and will display the estimated journey arrival time on the player screen of each address in sequence.


You must have a valid API key from Google for this to work correctly Get a Google API from here
Once logged in, create a Project, then create Credentials -> API Key, then copy and paste that key into "Google Traffic API Key" field in the SC Plugins Tab
You may need to have a valid credit card to create an API key.
I've added the ability to limit the polling to Google between set hours and it polls in that time period every 60 seconds to refresh the data.
However this is experimental first release of code, so keep an eye on it and make sure you are happy with the usage and any potential charges.

Google Traffic