Squeezebox Touch - Change Alarm Track

How to change the Logitech Touch Alarm Music Track

This default alarm track is highly annoying and intrusive, but fortunately it's easy to change it!
Just grab a mp3 that you would prefer, ensuring that it's not to large.

Steps to change the alarm

First off you need to download a SCP client, which you can download from here;


You only need to download the Portable Executables release as you don't need to install it.

Run the WinSCP.EXE file

Now on the Touch go to Settings -> Advanced -> Remote Login Menu

Enable SSH on the Touch and make a note of the IP Address

Now back to WinSCP, select Login and then use the settings as below

Hostname; YOUR Touch IP Address

Change the Protocol to; SCP

Default Username is; root

Default Password is; 1234


Click Login and you will get a message about host key not in cache, select yes

Ignore the various messages; Error looking up user groups, ignore it and click OK

Ignore the Error getting name of current remote directory and click OK

You are now logged into the Touch and its basically like playing around on a ftp server.

From the dropdown select the /root directory which will then show a list of directories.

Follow it down to;



The file you want to replace is the alarm.mp3 file. Just upload your new mp3 file using the same name; alarm.mp3

Once the file has been overwritten; Close down WinSCP

Reboot the Touch and job done!

Things to note - Each time the Touch has a firmware upgrade you will need to replace the file again.