MusicIP Mixer - Global Hot Keys

Global hot keys are only available on the Windows version of MusicIP Mixer.

To assign global hot keys, create a file called hotkeys.m3key in the same place as your user preferences (the install dir), then global hot keys will be active while the app is running.

Each line should specify a key and action.A key is any number of modifiers + a key, like this: Ctrl+P

Valid modifiers are Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Win. (For compatibility with some other solutions, you can also use an abbreviated format: Ctrl=^ Alt=! Win=# Shift=+).

Many of the extended keys have the usual names: F1 through F10, bs, del, down, home, end, esc, left, mednext, medpp, medprev, medstop, mute, pgup, pgdn, right, tab, up, volup, voldn.

Actions which play music use the internal player, and are only available if the internal player is enabled.

Valid actions currently are:

Keyword Action
mix?... Create a play a mix with the given options (just use "mix" to get an instant mix). Details on the options are the same as the HTTP API
mute Mute application volume
next Skip to the next track
pause Pause or resume the current playing song
play Start playing (same as pressing the Play button)
prev Skip to the previous track
scan Implements the "Scan & Mix" (green) button. Initiates a scan the first time, and creates a mix on the second press
setRating?rating=# Rate the currently playing song to # (numbers supported are 0 through 5)
stop Stop playing
toggle Hide/show the app window
voldn Decrease application volume
volup Increase application volume
So, a valid line might look like this: Ctrl+Alt+P play