MusicIP Mixer - iTunes

Please note I have rebuilt this page from various archives but do not have a Mac to be able to determine whether this script actually works.

The MusicIP Mixer API can be used to access MusicIP functionality from within iTunes.

This page contains sample AppleScripts to integrate iTunes with MusicIP Mixer on Mac OS X.
You can use or modify these scripts in any way you like. Some scripts may contain comments about possible changes.
To use a script, download it by clicking on the appropriate link, and save the script to the Library/iTunes/Scripts folder beneath your home directory.
You may need to create this folder if you haven't installed any AppleScripts for iTunes previously.
After doing this, you will be able to access the script from the main iTunes menu bar.

In order for the scripts to work, you will must have MusicIP Mixer running and properly configured.

If you have contributions you would like to make to this script archive, please contact me. All scripts here are available for free.

For more information about writing AppleScripts for iTunes, try Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes.

Script: Create New Mix (for version 1.1.3 through 1.4)
Last Updated: 1 March 2007
Minimum Requirements: MusicIP Mixer 1.5

This script lets you create mixes from within iTunes. Simply select a song you would like to use as a starting point, and run the Create New Mix script. This will create a new playlist called MusicIP Mixer Playlist and start playing it.

This script requires that the song you are starting from is also index in the MusicIP Mixer, and has analysis data (i.e. it's green). The script can be easily modified to create artist based mixes as well.