SugarCube Features

SugarCube has been in development since June 2008, so rather than trawl through years of roadmap and development changes see below for a handy comparision of the standard Squeezebox MusicIP Plugin vs SugarCube.

MusicIP Plugin v1.0
Requires MusicIP Setup in Headless Recommended Recommended
Specify MusicIP to be on a different server ie. NOT localhost no ok
Dynamic Path Conversion
Enable MusicIP and LMS to be on different systems, dynamically converting the library path between both LMS and MusicIP.
Per Player Settings okok
Static Sized Playlist okNO WAY!
Restrict Mix to Genre of Seed okok
Change Mix Style okok
Change Mix Variety okok
Change Mix Style from the Player UI nook
Change Mix Variety from the Player UI nook
Change Mix by Filter, Genre, Artist from the Player UI nook
Change Mixing Filter from the Player UI nook
Change Mix by Song or Album from the Player UI nook
Mix by Filter okok
Mix by Song or Album nook
Mix by Genre nook
Mix by Artist nook
Mix by Recipe nook
Google Traffic nook
Coming Up Next nook
Replace Coming Up Next Track from the Player UI nook
Specify Number of Tracks to keep in the Playlist View nook
Dynamic Queuing
Only queue a track if playing the last track in the current playlist. If there is no next track, SugarCube will pick one. If you are already playing a playlist, SugarCube will keep quiet
Auto Toggle Play Other Songs In Album nook
TrackStat Integration for Track Sorting (Optional) nook
TrackStat Integration to Block by Playcount, Ratings and Recently Played tracks (Optional) nook
Start from Alarm - Filter Mixing nook
Start from Alarm - Genre Mixing nook
Auto Start a Mix from Player UI
Cant decide what to listen to, let SugarCube start the party!
Don't Block but allow Various Artists nook
Block a Selected Artist nook
Block a specified Genre nook x3
Block Artist Repeating for x Tracks nook
Block an Album for x Tracks nook
Block Track repeating for x Tracks nook
Override Shuffle - Turn Off if left On nook
Auto Step down Volume on each Track change to aid a restful nights sleep nook
Auto Player Sleep switch the player off at a certain time nook
Spicefly Live View
See the decisions made on track selection in real-time and see the impact of changing the parameters.
- ok
Spicefly Live View
See Album Art in the Live View
- ok
Spicefly Live View
Queue up an Album from the Live View
- ok
Spicefly History View
See the History of tracks that have been added into the playlist.
- ok
Play Album Mode
Like the current track?  Cue the entire album in a couple of button presses. Helpful with the Touch and when you dont have the controller to hand.
Send To Player
Move the current playing track to another player to continue the mix.
Automatic Christmas Genre Blocking Mode
Enables Genre XMas and Christmas to only play during December.
Determine number of tracks to request back from MusicIP. nook
Support for multiple genres in MusicIP tracks. nook
Functionality to support low CPU powered devices such as NAS drives. nook
Availability Free with Logitech Media Server Free 45 day Evaluation

Then 10 a year
20 lifetime

Next Step... Licensing