MusicIP Mixer - TiVo

MusicIP Mixer can work with TiVo Series 2 DVR's to let you view and play your music collection from your TiVo. You will need to have your TiVo networked with the computer running MusicIP. Only .mp3 files are supported.

Once you have a networked TiVo, and a running MusicIP Mixer, go to the preferences panel by selecting File/Customize Options. Select Services, then check the TiVo checkbox, and press the Start button. If you exit MusicIP Mixer while the service is running, then the service will automatically restart whenever you start the mixer, until you stop it using the preferences panel.

Next, using your TiVo remote, go to Music and Photos, and choose MusicIP Mixer on MACHINE, where MACHINE is the name of the machine running MusicIP Mixer.

The following menu should appear:
Instant Mix
Instant Mix: Choose a random song from your collection, and create a playlist. If you don't like the starting point, you can choose Left on your remote to go up a level, and Right to select it again. This will start with a new random song each time.Playlists: This lets you view existing playlists stored in MusicIP Mixer.

Filters: This lets you make instant mixes which are locked to a specific filter. When you choose a filter, MusicIP Mixer will select a random song within that filter, and create a playlist which is also contained within that filter.

Genres: This lists the genres available within MusicIP Mixer. Choose a genre to see artists within that genre.

Artists: This lists the artists available within MusicIP Mixer. Choose an artist to see albums by that artist. If you have already selected a genre, that will be used as a filter - only artists with songs in that genre will be shown.

Albums: This lists the albums available within MusicIP Mixer. Choose an albums to see songs on that album. If you have already selected a genre, artist, or both, that will be used as a filter - only albums with songs in the associated genre or by the associated artist will be shown.

Important Note! Any time a song which is active (green in the mixer) is displayed in a non-mix context, you can use that as a new seed for an instant mix. You will be able to tell this because the song will show a Playlist icon instead of a Song icon. So, if you are browsing all songs by an artist, you can press the Play button to play the songs shown, or press Select (or Right) to create a mix based on that song.