Spicefly SugarCube Dynamic Path Conversion

What is SugarCube Dynamic Path Conversion (DPC)?

If Logitech Media Server is installed on a different system than MusicIP, the LMS path to the music library is different to MusicIP's path to the music library. DPC enables the music paths to be different for LMS and MusicIP, dynamically converting the music path while communicating between MusicIP and Logitech Media Server.

Opportunities for DPC

MusicIP can be on a completely seperate server/laptop etc but pointing at the same central music source.
A single MusicIP source can be used with multiple LMS installations.
Access to MusicIP while on the road, (Firewall needs to be open for port 10002.)
MusicIP is not required on each LMS Host.
MusicIP can be future proofed by being left on an old OS, while LMS can be on a newer or even alternative OS.

Important Caveats

The logical structure of the music library must be the same so that substitution works correctly.
e.g c:\users\spicefly\music\U2\WAR\02-seconds.mp3 <-> \\mynas\music\U2\WAR\02-seconds.mp3 is fine
c:\users\spicefly\music\U2\WAR\02-seconds.mp3 <-> \\mynas\music\U2\ABC\WAR\02-seconds.mp3 wont work!
Only one substitution is currently supported, ie one library not multiple libraries.

Example Diagrams

A "dumb" NAS (MYNAS) holds the music with a laptop/PC (MIPHOST) holding the MusicIP database.

A third or even more machines with copies of the same music but without MusicIP, asking MIPHOST for recommendations.

SugarCube Dynamic Path Conversion

SugarCube Dynamic Path Conversion

Example where a NAS (MYNAS) is running Logitech Media Server but does not have a x86 chipset so can not run MusicIP on itself.

Therefore the MusicIP (MIPHOST) is on a seperate laptop/PC. NOTE: Use IP Address when configuring with LMS on the NAS.

SugarCube Dynamic Path Conversion

SugarCube Dynamic Path Conversion