What is Spicefly SugarCube?

Spicefly SugarCube started development in 2008 and provides a "bridge" between Logitech Media Server (LMS) and MusicIP.

Simplified it takes the current playing track on LMS and then passes this to MusicIP to request which track should be played next. Using the MusicIP "brain" for the track selection, it then takes these results and runs various checks to see if the track has been played before, should be blocked based on settings specified by the user.
Then it queues up the best track on LMS. This is repeated at each track change and thereby provides a never-ending playlist that will flow through your music library and uncover those hidden gems.

Version 4 of SugarCube also provides a MusicIP Vintage mode which mirrors the official MusicIP plugin queuing up all tracks that are returned by MusicIP but also then kicks off another track selection at the end of the playlist so the music never stops.
There is no requirement to install the official MusicIP plugin in LMS to use SugarCube. SugarCube is a standalone plugin, there is also no requirement to do tedious LMS scanning to import the MusicIP metadata into the main LMS database.

Next up is a summary of the feature set comparing the official MusicIP plugin and Spicefly SugarCube. A lot of time and effort has gone into the development of SugarCube and new ideas and functions are added frequently, it can even start up and auto mix for itself from an alarm!

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