MusicIP Mixer - Cache Overview

MusicIP Mixer stores its metadata after analysing and fingerprinting your tracks in a cache file.

This includes information about which tracks are in your library, the associated metadata, acoustic analysis, custom tags, ratings, and so forth.

The default cache file is called default.m3lib, and can be found in the following location;

Windows Windows XP: Similar to; C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\MusicIP\
Vista 32: Similar to; C:\Users\\appdata\roaming\musicip\musicip mixer\default.m3lib
Vista 64: Similar to; C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\MusicIP\MusicIP Mixer\default.m3lib
Windows 7: Similar to; C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\MusicIP\MusicIP Mixer
Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/MusicMagic
Linux: ~/.MusicMagic

If you want to use a different location for the cache file, simply pass the name of the file on the command line when you start MusicIP Mixer. On Windows, you can double-click on any .m3lib file to start MusicIP Mixer using that cache file - if the file is not called "default.m3lib", then the name of the cache file (without the extension) will be listed in the Filters & Playlists window.

Using Multiple Cache Files

If you want to use multiple cache files (for instance, maybe you want to have different people in the same house with their own collections, or you have some types of music which you don't want to mix in the same cache), then you can do so easily. Simply create a .m3lib file for each instance you want (you can use a text editor to create an empty file), and start the app with the new cache file as described above. All changes will relate only to the current cache file.

Sharing Cache Files

If you are using the same set of music from different computers, you might want to share your cache file between multiple machines. There are several ways you can do this.

Method One: Simple Sharing

If your machines are all using the same paths to locate your music, then you can simply use the same cache file from different machines. Either copy the file from one machine to another, or make sure each machine has access to the same cache file. If they are using the same file, you will need to be careful that you don't modify cache files on two different machines at the same time - if you do, one set of changes will get lost (and in rare cases, you might cause the cache file to become corrupt). Note that on Windows, you can use network paths to make sure your music files have the same path. On Mac and Linux, you can create aliases to make the paths appear the same.

Method Two: Autoload Cache

This method will only work with a registration key, and it uses the disk-based devices feature. In this method, create a file called "autoload.m3lib" and store it in the root folder of your music directory. (If you have multiple music folders, you will need to repeat the process for each one). Then, inside MusicIP Mixer, choose File/Add Device and select the root folder where the music is stored. Next, add the associated music. This cache will show up as a separate entry in the Filters & Playlists view. Any machine which mounts the folder as a disk device will share the autoload cache. The paths will be handled correctly even if shared between Windows, Linux, and Mac versions of the app.