Spicefly Spyglass MIP

SpyGlass MIP is an app to peer at the MusicIP application, particularly the MusicIP Headless Service, allowing easier integration with Spicefly SugarCube / Logitech Media Server. SpyGlass MIP can automatically install and configure MusicIP Headless and check configuration


Install, Setup and configure MusicIP Headless Service from scratch.
Check the configuration of MusicIP GUI
Cleanly Uninstall the MusicIP Headless Service
Test MusicIP Headless Service is working.
Refresh and Reload the MusicIP Headless Cache
Show MusicIP Headless Status web page

Operating Systems

Tested on Windows 7 Professsional 32 and 64 bit and Windows 10 64 bit

SugarCube Spyglass MusicIP


Version 2.0 - December 2017 - Rewritten in C# and added Windows 10 operability
Version 1.1 - June 2012 - Updated for Logitech Media Server 7.8
Version 1.0 - December 2010 - Initial Release

Quick Guide

Click the pictures to run a check on the specific environment; Logitech Media Server, Music IP GUI and MusicIP Headless.
Ensure you have installed MusicIP GUI and scanned all your music files.
Then select the Install/Setup Headless option from the menu.
Sit back and wait a few seconds and the job should be done!

Tested on Windows 7 Professsional 32 and 64 bit and Windows 10 64 bit. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 Runtime