MusicIP Mixer - Organizing Your Music

You can use MusicIP Mixer to copy, move, or rename your music. This is useful for reorganizing your collection, making backups, or getting images ready to burn to CD.

To organize your music, select the songs you want to copy, move, or rename. Right-click on them, and select Copy/Move/Rename Files.... The file organization dialog will come up, which will have a list of the files and the new names. The options are as follows:

Pattern - choose the new filename and/or location where you want the file to go. You can use any of the support options described in the patterns overview. For instance, you convert your files to "Track number - Song name.mp3", you might enter:

%0t - %n
The appropriate file extension (.mp3, .wma, etc) will be added automatically if you leave it off.

After selecting or entering a pattern, press the Apply Pattern button to see what the new filenames will be.

Copy Files or Move/Rename Files - if you select Copy Files, then the files will be copied from the old name to the new name. Your MusicIP library will only contain references to the old songs. Use this option to backup your music, or to create collections to burn to CD. If you select Move/Rename Files, then the files will be moved or renamed to the new names, and your MusicIP library will be updated to point to the new names. Use this option to clean up how your files are stored on disk.

Remove empty directories - if you are moving files, you may leave behind empty directories. If you select this option, then any directories which are empty as a result of moving files will be removed automatically.

When you are satisfied with the options, press the OK button to copy, move, or rename all the files listed.