Spicefly SugarCube - Troubleshooting

If you are new to SugarCube and/or MusicIP it can be difficult to troubleshoot why its not working. Below are a number of troubleshooting techniques to help narrow down the problem.

These tips are not in any particular order for checking

1) Test that the MusicIP Headless is functioning.

Put the following into a web browser on the device running MusicIP Headless and hit Refresh a few times. A mix will be generated which will test its working;


If it fails here, check that the service is running for Windows see Services

2) Check SugarCube History

SugarCube History
SugarCube History Two

SugarCube History provides a history of all tracks that SugarCube has selected.

In the screenshot you can see that a Random track was selected, this can indicate that MusicIP couldnt find a suitable partner track to the now playing track and so SugarCube fell back to selecting a Random track.

Its important to remember that SugarCube is a "bridge" between Logitech Media Server and MusicIP, therefore if MusicIP isnt working then SugarCube will fallback to picking tracks at random (based on the Genre of the Now Playing Track).

The random date and random count is shown, this is from my dev laptop so the count is a lot higher than you would normally expect, about 5% random tracks is more typical.

If you have tight settings especially "Restrict Mixing to Genre of Seed Track" teamed with for example blocking tracks played within 20 days etc. then you may exhaust the supply of suitable tracks and therefore see a high number of random tracks.

3) Turn off MusicIP Filters

Turn Off MusicIP Filters
Try turning off Filters via the SugarCube Player settings. A damaged or overly restrictive filter will reduce the number of available tracks and result in a high level of random track selections.

4) Turn off TrackStat

Turn Off TrackStat

Try turning off TrackStat functionality, overly restrictive settings will reduce the number of available tracks and result in a high level of random track selections.

5) Switch on DEBUG logging for SugarCube

Then check the server debug log for clues;

6) Check the tags inside your tracks

Ensure your music files have idv2.3 tags and do not contain tags with non-standard characters. MusicIP was written a long time ago and so it stumbles over tags that have non-alphanumeric characters. Use mp3tag to check.

7) Check the track count

Check that the number of tracks displaying in Logitech Media Server is the same count as MusicIP is reporting.  If they dont match then they may not be pointing at the same library, or the MusicIP database may be corrupt or the MusicIP Headless has not been refreshed.

8) Check the Music Paths match

The folder paths must match between both Logitech Media Server and MusicIP, for example c:\my music or \\MYNAS\My Music.
You can not use c:\my music in Logitech Media Server and then point to the same music library for MusicIP as \\MYNAS\My Music. You must be consistent and use the same paths.
See pictures below to see where to check;

LMS Folder Location

MusicIP Folder Location