Spicefly SugarCube Settings

Player Level Settings - Can be different for each Player

SugarCube Status

Enabled or Disabled, this is a per player setting.

Display Options (None, Show Coming Up Next, Show Technical Information, When Random Track Selected)

Displays specified message type on the player, normally on each track change

SugarCube Mix Mode (Standard MusicIP Mode, FreeStyle Mode)

SugarCube Support two methods. First is using MusicIP, second is a FreeStyle Mode.
FreeStyle Mode selects tracks from the main Logitech Media Server database. There are a few options available for FreeStyle mixing;
Restrict by Year range, MP3 or FLAC, Short or Long Tracks

Sync Settings Across ALL Players

When you click Apply all settings will be applied for all players in your system

MusicIP Settings

How much Mix Style (0..200)

How much like the Artist's style of the seed track, default is 0 Ignore, 200 is strict

How much Mix Variety

How much Variety in the mix, default is 0 Less, 9 is More

Mix by Song or Album

Use the Album as the seed or the individual song

Restrict Mixing to Genre of Seed Track

Use to restrict the mix to just the specific genre of the seed track. Note you can use filters in MusicIP to virtually slice your library and therefore have
multiple genres.

Select Mix Type

Mix by Filters, Genres or Artists

Filters - Create filters in the MusicIP Mixer and then refresh the MusicIP Headless web page.
You can use filters in MusicIP to virtually slice your library, it is a powerful function.
Further details here; https://www.spicefly.com/article.php?page=musicip-filters

Available MIP Genres

Use this to restrict mixing to the genre only. Note Genres are what MusicIP sees when scanning your music files so may mismatch with Logitech Media Server if
you have multiple genres.

Available MIP Artists

Seed using tracks in the style of the seed track Artist

Optionally Add a MusicIP Recipe

You can further tweak the mix, the Betty Croker recipe, no idea its meaning is lost in time!

Reset SugarCube Live View Stats

When Apply is clicked, reset the Live View Statistics on the Live View Page (Number of Tracks Queued and Random Count)

Auto Set "Play Other Songs In Album"

Set player "Play Other Songs in Album" Client Setting when SugarCube is Enabled or Disabled.

Dynamic Queuing

Only Queue a New Track if player is playing the last Track on the Playlist, this keeps the music going indefiniately without causing a huge playlist that can
slow things down.

SugarCube Wobble

The first result from MusicIP will be the closest match to the seed track. Wobbling adds a subtle tweak to the mix, randomly choosing from the recommended
tracks returned to give a slight change in direction but in the same general theme.

MusicIP Vintage Mode

All track selections returned from MusicIP are queued up, as per the original MusicIP Mix. Note; As SugarCube doesn't interfere with Vintage Mode, tracks with-in the returned results may be duplicates and/or from the same album.

Override Shuffle

If Shuffle is turned on, disable it when mixing so that the MusicIP mix integrity is retained.

Weighting Functions

These all apply for MusicIP mixing and not for FreeStyle mixing

Block Artist Repeating for x Tracks

Self Explanatory

Do not Block "Various Artists"

If Artist tag is "Various Artists" (case-insensitive) do not treat it as the same artist and therefore don't block it repeating.

Always Block Selected Artist

Self Explanatory

Always Block this Genre

Self Explanatory

Block Album Repeating for x Tracks

Self Explanatory

Remember This Many Played Tracks

Block the track from playing again, if its been played within x Tracks

Forget when Playlist Cleared

Wipe our memory of played tracks when clicking the Playlist clear button on Logitech Media Server

Tracks to keep in Playlist View

Number of tracks to show in the Logitech Media Server playlist view on the right hand side.

TrackStat Integration Settings

(Enable TrackStat Integration from the Plugins/Settings/Spicefly SugarCube Page)
These options require TrackStat to be installed

Track Played Setting

Prefer tracks recently played, or not recently played

Track Playcount Setting

Prefer tracks with a high played count, or low played count

Track Rating Setting

Prefer with low rating, or high rating

Block Tracks with Played Count Equal and Above

Self Explanatory

Block Tracks Rated x and Below

Self Explanatory

Block Tracks Played in last x days

Self Explanatory

Auto Start and Alarm Clock Settings

When selecting Auto Start from the web interface or from the player, it will seed from either the specified filter or genre. Use to wake up to a nice Ambient
track selection rather than Rock

Enabled Volume Reduction

These settings enable the volume to be gradually reduced over time, useful for sleeping

Enable Player Sleep

If player is playing between these times, automatically activate Sleep Mode which will then shut off after the specified time

Global Settings

From the Plugins page, these settings affect all players

MusicIP Port (Default; 10002)

MusicIP Host Location (Default; localhost)

These settings are where to find the MusicIP HTTP API. If you reach the web page in a browser by http://localhost:10002/ then the defaults will work fine.
If you don't have MusicIP Headless configured, find out more at; https://www.spicefly.com/article.php?page=musicip-headless-windows10

SQLite Timeout in Seconds

On low powered systems you may need to increase the wait time for the SQLite database queries to run.

Enable Dynamic Path Conversion

This enables MusicIP and the Music location to be on seperate systems. More details at;

Enable Delay Mode

On low powered systems you may want Logitech Media Server to finish its work changing tracks and buffering, before SugarCube then does track selecting. Add a
specified wait time from track change until SugarCube starts work.

Spicefly SugarCube Live View Width

Album Art Size in SugarCube LiveView
Reduce the size of the Live View and size of the icons

SugarCube Live View Icon Position

SugarCube History Icon Position

Specify where in the Logitech Media Server menu the icons are positioned

Enable TrackStat

If TrackStat is installed, use its functionality with SugarCube

MusicIP Request No. of Tracks

Number of tracks to request back from MusicIP, this is before any discards due to criteria

Enable Christmas Genre Block

Drop tracks from the selection if genre "XMas" or "Christmas" unless it's December