Spicefly Fingerprint Metadata Extractor

SFME is discontinued

The Issue

MusicIP is a great piece of software but if you haven't scanned your music files its a long process to start from scratch.

The Theory

Is it possible to use other fingerprinting software to cross reference and build a new MusicIP metadata library from tracks already fingerprinted by MusicIP. If it's possible to build up 100k of the most common tracks then that would go a big way to solving the issue and the user then might only have to scan a few hundred tracks.

What is Spicefly Fingerprint Metadata Extractor?

SFME is a proof of concept software. Using AcoustID's Chromaprint open source audio identification fingerprinting software and then by running this against tracks that already have MusicIP fingerprints it copies the metadata and uploads it to the source server. The plan is to use crowd sourcing to build a much larger data model and study the metadata and see if there is any cross reference.

How you can Help

SFME is something I've been wanting to try out for a long time, so I learnt Visual C# over the last 12 months and bring you Version 0.1. If your tracks already contain MusicIP fingerprints, please download and run SFME on your tracks to aid the research effort.

How it Works

SFME will use Chromaprint to scan your music tracks, it generates fingerprint extracts the Mus

Next Steps

Ultimately there may be zero matches or indeed so many matches it makes it unfeasable as a viable solution.
If it does work, then the next step is to build some software that can scan, match and then write MusicIP tags into tracks.


No changes are made to your music tracks, this is a read only operation.
You DO NOT need AcoustID fingerprints in your tracks, these are calculated during scanning
You DO NEED MusicIP fingerprints in your tracks
You DO NEED to download Chromaprint from here, https://acoustid.org/chromaprint and then point SFME at the location where you unzipped it.
You DO NEED to be connected to the internet to enable the final metadata package to be FTP'ed
Windows Only - There are limits to my coding abilities :p
SFME may not work at all on very slow systems
On a i7 2.3GHz (Windows Experience Index 5.9) scans at approx 6,000 tracks per hour
SFME is currently time limited, so will expire on 30th September 2017. The reason being I don't want software out there hitting the website if this research ultimately fails.

Version History

Version 0.3 - 17th September 2017

Download Version 0.3

+ Removed datagrid view massively reducing memory overhead and improving responsiveness
+ Increased scanning speed by approx 24%
+ Code tidyup and general layout changes

Version 0.2 - 15th September 2017

+ Added FLAC scan capability
+ Added pause functionality during Fingerprint scanning
+ Major Speed Improvement to data packaging and zip functions
+ Improved memory performance

Version 0.1 - 9th September 2017

Initial Release